We Will Not Be Shaken

Hello Neighborhood Christian Fellowship, greetings! My name is David Trigueros “Trig” and I am thrilled to be serving as your senior pastor, my family and I hope to be at NCF for many years to come. Over the past few months, we have fallen in love with you and the city of Bellflower, we are so glad to be here!

Here’s a little about me, I grew up in Nicaragua and love music, Jesus and the church. At age 5, my father taught me to play the guitar and sing, I was saved at age 9 and felt God’s anointing at age 18 when I was hours away from dying from a burst appendix. I was raised in Long Beach, CA by my grandmother and lived in Denver, CO for several years.

My wife Rachelle and I got engaged at the Queen Mary and have been married 20 years. Rachelle grew up in Minnesota and Garden Grove and is practical, generous and an amazing leader. She loves cultures (has a BA in Anthropology from Dominguez Hills), loves neighborhood children and her family, including her twin sister Suzanne who lives in Bend, OR. She has a Masters Degree in Education and is Dean of Students in Norwalk, CA.

Together we have three amazing children, Canela who’s a professional model and young entrepreneur, Isabela who has the best voice in the house and David Dennis who has been playing and taking drums lessons since age 4.

I studied music at Long Beach City College, am certified as an anxiety mentor, have a BS in Computer Science and Engineering, studied for the MDiv at Talbot Seminary and am currently at Fuller Seminary doing a Masters Degree in Global Leadership. I play the guitar, piano, drums, bass and also host a podcast with over 5000 monthly listeners called #GOZO! But it hasn’t always been easy, growing up without my parents caused me to deal with issues of loneliness and panic attacks in my mid 20’s, but through counseling and healing prayer, God has restored to me the joy of my salvation.

My vision for Neighborhood Christian Fellowship is simple, I call it Our 4 Core Values:

1. Love One Another Deeply

2. Worship God Passionately

3. Mentor Everyone and

4. Impact the Whole Cit

Now I want to ask you to do 3 things as we start.

First, ask God to give each of you 5 new people that will come to Neighborhood as a result of your love and prayers. Second, I invite you to be one of the 10 NEW people who will attend our monthly prayer meetings on the first Thursday of every month, prayer is the engine to everything we do. Lastly, I want to ask you to worship God freely on Sundays, worship moves us, it pleases God. Worship heals our diseases, sets captives free, brings us joy and draws the lost to Jesus, the Spirit of God dwells in our worship, worship is important!

Thank you for your love and by the way, #GOZO! means JOY in Spanish and it comes from Psalm 30:6, “though there’s pain in the night, JOY comes in the morning”. Thank you for welcoming us to Neighborhood, I’m so glad I get to serve at the best church in the world.

Much grace and #GOZO!

Pastor Trig

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